Whoa this is actually powerful

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Just in case no one told you today:

  • Good morning
  • You’re beautiful
  • I love you
  • Nice butt

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Today Ryan Smyth of the Edmonton Oilers played his 1,270th  and final NHL game.

As he was taking his final lap in tears and saluting fans, we got to witness one of the classiest moments in sports we’ve ever seen. The entire canuck team came back out to individually congratulate Ryan Smyth on an amazing career.

Ain’t hockey just the greatest?

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My Heart: tang tang tang tang


It is seriously so hard to feel good about yourself when there are so many beautiful girls out there..

I need strong pain killers.

Demi Lovato official albums

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i hate when i’m too comfortable around someone because then my brain thinks its ok to act weird but even then i end up being too weird

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